Stress sign-offs from work are an expensive cost of a high pressure work environment and the business world is now realising the benefits of having a happy team at work…

By playing to the strengths of a team companies can be transformed in their communication, collaboration and become healthier and more resilient.  Collaborative leadership is the way forward in business. Progressive businesses are looking to bring the holistic benefits of creative therapy and yoga to their staff.

Creative Seeds offers the chance for colleagues to use yoga tools and mindfulness practices to build communication, leadership skills, and self awareness. It’s yoga with an edge that takes it out of the ashram and into your company vision. 

Using embodied techniques of partner and group yoga practices, creative therapy activities, mindfulness meditation.We offer full and half day team building events for teams interested in propelling their staff creativity into orbit by putting well being at the forefront of priorities in their business. 

You have the option to support that with Cat’s unique 12 week “Optimum Living” coaching programme for individuals and teams. Cat creates you a unique profile by identifying your core values, challenges, goals, vision and identifies key challenges to design a bespoke package to suit your business.  Each package distills the ancient knowledge of yoga and meditation and translating them into digestible, modern practical tools for your team and your business to help you fly and get the results you want to see in a thriving progressive business. 

Key practices include developing trust, compassionate leadership and affirmative communication and breaking down barriers through active listening.  We use embodied techniques to offer another dimension to your strategy and propel your vision into 4D.  

Yoga and meditation have the power to literally rewire our brain through neuro-plasticity. Through putting into practice these ancient techniques we have the power to strengthen useful neural synapses and actively grow the neural pathways that aid our ability to bring balance, manage stress and emotional and mental activity by tuning into our parasympathetic nervous system. In short, by getting out of the mind, and into the body we can recondition our habits and train our ability to relax on demand. This ability will vastly improve staff morale, motivation, productivity, ability to play to strengths of the team and collaborate effectively to produce amazing results.

Choose to invest in your team and contribute powerfully to the lasting success of your business. If your vision reaches beyond the status quo, and you want to attract the best and retain them our tools help manage pressure for optimum performance. Cultivate a culture of confident collaboration and resilience within your team, as well as innovation and vision that sees a challenge as an opportunity for growth. Take inspired action to elevate your business now.