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Family yoga classes deliver the same mental and physical benefits as any other yoga class: peace of mind, relaxation, and increased bodily strength and flexibility.

It also brings many benefits for the family as a whole:

  • Improved communication between family members, as they let go of stresses and become more aware of each others’ needs.
  • A strengthening of family bonds as the family practices the poses together, leaving the space feeling more open and attentive to each other.
  • Increased awareness of the value of spending quality time together, learning to let go of annoyances and irritations and focusing on the people inside. Increasing their closeness, understanding, patience and tolerance.
  • Improved behaviour in the children (and sometimes the adults), due to the calming effects of relaxation and visualisation.
  • Having fun! Family yoga is about giving space to the inner child we all have to play. It is about being and learning together.

AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community; enabling the participants to explore the body and it’s unlimited potential. The classes include a combination of : asana sequences, yoga games, Human Mandalas, partner yoga, assisted inversions, partner acrobatics, Therapeutic/Acrobatic Flying and/or Thai massage! No prior knowledge is required, nor is a partner, only enthusiasm and energy.

Unlike other forms of yoga, AcroYoga builds on the potential to connect with others, to build on community and cultivate trust within an environment of safe play.


This practice involves three active roles: –

  • the spotter, who serves as an interpreter between the base and flyer and aid the stability and success of a skill or flying sequence;
  • the base, who is the pillar for which skills are conducted;• the flyer, who is either the performer or the receiver of therapeutic flying.

AcroYoga combines both dynamic and therapeutic sequences that range from massage and therapy, to performance acrobatics and dance. Practitioners can follow set flows to the point they become familiar with the practice and can then work on improvisation.

Acroyoga sequence performed at the British Yoga Festival ( )

What is Acroyoga?

Acro yoga is an inspiring, challenging and fun practice that combines the practice of yoga with partner acrobatics and the healing arts of thai yoga massage.  Learn to base or fly and have the option to mix up the roles too! Acroyoga builds confidence in all areas of life to be more present, courageous and see the playful side of life. Sessions are all about safety too and one of the main principles is spotting and communicating and one of the main guidelines of the practice is “If it feels good, it is good”. Try something unique and inspire each other!

What is Partner Yoga?

Partner yoga is where you do yoga in pairs, supporting one another in a stretch or doing a yoga flow with your breath and your bodies synchronized.  Partner yoga flows can be fun and hardcore to build your core strength or slow and sensually relaxing to connect and drop into a deeply meditative state together.  Whatever your preference, Cat can cater to you and all abilities and fitness levels. 

What is Thai Yoga Massage?  

Thai Yoga Massage is colloquially called lazy man’s yoga for a reason! You can deeply relax and unwind and have the yoga be done to youLearn massage techniques and feel what it’s like to have a luscious massage routine to do on one another in this session. This session gives you a sequence each that you can take home and do on one another when you feel stressed or need to relax, creating more peace and nourishment day to day. 

What if my partner has never done yoga? 

No worries! Partner yoga suits all levels! If your partner is less fit, flexible or less confident part of the joy of it is that there are poses and flows to suit all levels, so we’ll find the right ones that suit you both without anyone being embarrassed. 

Watch your relationship grow and deepen in profound and inspiring ways with partner yoga.  Or simply learn some partner yoga and acro-yoga sequences for fun together that is accessible to all fitness levels. 

Want to explore a deeper connection? 

Cultivate unconditional love together and explore deeper awareness through breathwork, fluid flows and tantric practices that will awaken your spark and your fire together. Learn these skills in the safety of a guided session and then take them home to practice them in the privacy of your own home. 

Partner practices bring out the best in you, as you learn the technical skills to give and receive openly and freely and having fun in the process! It is the ultimate balancer and it is the gift that keeps on giving. As you can take home what you learn in the sessions and practice for free at home! With Acroyoga you can do hours of fitness training without even noticing because it’s just a lot of fun!